Artist Riki R Nelson
- Recent Portrait Oil Paintings,

2008 -2010- (also visit the Main Gallery Page

Newest Work

girl in a box girl in cherry silk

"Girl in a box, Girl in Cherry Silk" 24" X 36" Oil painting by Riki R. Nelson -

Newest Work

"Impish Santa w Sleigh"
8 x 8 "Oil on Canvas $160 Unframed

2008 -2009
2008 -2009commission portrait paintings
original oil portrait paintings
2008 -2009
Portrait Oil Paintings

2008 -2009


2008 -2009


Painting of Skull  and Pumpkin


2007 -2008 (These three are all available, together or separately, each measures 24" x 36") Roseanne Vitro, Rita Cooldige
portrail oil painting of singerportrait oil painting of divaportrait oil painting of saxaphone player

2006 2007

portrait of sax player in nignt club

Giacomo Gates, 2005
Earlier work


formal oil portrait painting



oil portraits or children
11" x 14" Commissioned oil -SOLD

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If you would like to purchase one of the available Portrait Paintings seen here, or

if you are interested in commissioning an original
custom oil portrait painting by this artist, please contact :

Riki R Nelson - Phone 408 623 5344
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General Notes About Commissions : These Original Portrait Paintings, are examples of the kind of pieces that can be commissioned as custom portraits by this Artist. The Artist works with photos she takes of the subject, and sketches she creates. She will then finish the piece in her studio, as she did with these pieces.

surreal portrait of bar crowd

"Angel at the Bar w Skull and Roses"
24" x 36" oil on blocked linen 2008-2009

bar painting
Click the image for a larger view "Martinis and Attitiude"
oil on canvas 16" wide 20" high

Notes on Commissions Continued: Your own photos are welcome for composition, mood, and background ideas, but in most cases, the artist will need to do the actual portrait based on photos she takes herself with her own non-digital film camera, in order to get the full scope of the subject.

Commission Oil Paintings can be of almost any subject, including: Women, Men, Children, pets, and cars, - or pets in cars - and will generally cost anywhere from $950.00 to $5,000.00, and take from one to six months to complete. The base price will include; most if not all painting and photography materials, film, enlargements, brushes, canvases, paint etc. it also includes a custom photo shoot and sketching session at your location. What may not be covered are things like travel expenses, or extra shooting and sketching sessions . These are guidelines only. Pricing is on a case by case basis, depending on how involved your painting is.

"Jazz on Fire" 24" x 24" oil, 2007
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Riki R Nelson, is a Contemporary
Realist Oil Painter
Located in Los Gatos, California
( The San Francisco Bay Area), USA

20 x 16 Framed Oil Painting of Singer Paula West