oil painting of woman at the bar


Bar Scene Oil Painting
"Angel at the Bar Standing"
18" x 24" oil on linen, by Artist Riki R Nelson
(Angel at the Bar copyright 2010)
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About the creation of "Angel at the Bar Standing": Like all of the bar paintings I have done, this piece is based on an actual place and occurrence. It is from a photo shoot I did at the Toll House Hotel, in the the lounge at the "Three Degrees Restaurant" on Halloween. There was indeed a woman in an angel costume, sitting at the bar.

This painting was an overlap, between a the photo and dream image I couldn't get out of my head, so it is more abstract and less based on reality, then any of my other paintings in this genre.

The photo was a candid shoot, of real people, I used no models in this shoot. Back in the studio,I changed elements, and used still life set ups to create a sense of dimension and realism, but the bar is as it was, and the essence of the scene, is there. As an artist, I have my own vision, that is separate from the actual photo, the intangible elements that defy words, but can only be expressed - hopefully- with imagery.

The occasional angel or other archetype in my paintings, are often inspired by dreams, prior to the photo shoot. I do not paint them in, until I stumbled upon a unique way to express my artistic vision - a way I have not seen done before.

In this painting I used classical painting techniques, this piece took months to complete.

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"Angel at the Bar Standing" 18" x 24" One of a Kind, original composition oil painting on blocked linen by Artist Riki R Nelson -

for information about this piece : 408 623 3544 (nothern california usa)

A one of a kind, original composition oil painting by R.R. Nelson for information about this piece : 408 623 3544

Artist Riki R Nelson is a modern realist oil painter located in Los Gatos California