oil painting of woman at the bar


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"The Mona Rita" 12" x 16" oil on linen,

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This Painting is based on a close up photograph I was fortuante enough to take of mega talented jazz legend, Rita Coolidg e. It is a one of a kind, original composition oil painting

If you are interested in commissioning your own unique portrait, please contact the Artist at: 408 623 5344 or

Artist Riki R Nelson is a modern realist oil painter located in Los Gatos California


This Original Portrait Painting, is an example of the kind of painting that can be commissioned as a custom portrait by this Artist. The Artist works with photos she takes of the subject, and sketches. She will then finish the piece in her studio, as she did with this piece.

Notes About Commissions : Your own photos may be used for composition and background, but the artist will only do commission portraits from photos she takes herself with her own film camera in order to get the full scope of the subject.

"The Mona Rita" 12" x 16" original, one of a kind oil painting,

oil painting on blocked linen by Artist Riki R Nelson -

for information about this piece : 408 623 3544 (nothern california usa)

Notes About Commissions Continued: The price of a commisson includes all painting materials and tools. Also included is a photo shoot at your location. Travel may not be included, more then one day of shooting and sketching the subject, may not be included.