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Jazz art paintings and SEascape paintings * NEWS and ART from Riki Nelson Studios:
2005 collection of oil Paintings has been released - 06 collection coming in June -
*Feb. 2005 One Man Gallery show Hi-lights

Photo Hi- Lights of the July 2003 Oceanscapes Reception (please allow time for pictures to load)

the artist with her art, and her mother

The Artist with her Art,
(Visual Artist Riki Nelson on the right,

Pearl Nelson, the artist's mother,
and local poet and business woman, is seated on the left.)

Previous Collection "Harbor Lites"

harbor lites oil painting
"Harbor Lites" 12" x 16 original oil on canvas
by R. R. Nelson  >> email art@riki-arts.com
Musician Halley Nelson
Dr. Eric Nelson
Dr. Eric Nelson, Rogue Astronomer
Elke, president of LG art association
Elke G. Award winning artist & LGAA President shares a smile (;
ray smith, artist
Artist Ray G. Smith
artist's father While your here,
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Masonry Artist, Ray Nelson


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