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SEASCAPES, Oil Paintings of California

"Art Newsletter"
From the Studio of Artist
Riki Nelson

January 1

"The Monthly Ramble"

Recent ARt Hi-Lights - Happy New Year .. winter news...

Here are the "Brick and Mortar Galleries" where you can now see and purchase my paintings - then on to what I am painting today, and the oil paintings and art projects I will be working on in the weeks and months to come.

My art is now being carried by two prestigious Bay Area Fine Art Galleries;

PEABODY FINE ART GALLERY, Los Gatos - 11 N. Santa Cruz Ave, Los Gatos Ca. ( At Main St.) Phone (408) 395-3440

ISLG Design Gallery, in Los Gatos - 12 North Santa Cruz Avenue, Los Gatos, (408) 354-8286 on N. Santa Cruz Ave. Near Main right across the street from Peabody Gallery,

the ISLG Design Gallery, in Campbell - 287 E. Campbell Ave. - Historic Downtown - Campbell Ca 95008 Phone 408 378 2075

RECENT NEWS - round up for 05 -

- New Jazz Art By Artist Riki Nelson -
featuring Realistic oil paintings of Jazz Artists such as Saxophonist Anton Schwartz, this new collection of Jazz Paintings, is available through Peabody fine art Gallery of Los Gatos.

July 2005 - This Jazz art exhibit featuring the paintings of Riki Nelson, was featured in several SF Bay Area newspapers, including the San Francisco Examiner and Los Gatos Weekly.

July 2005 - Western New York - Artist Riki Nelson's "Sax in the Park" print was purchased to be featured in the "Sax in the Park" Charity Auction,

"...The Charles E. Burchfield Nature & Art Center and the West Seneca AmeriCorps will launch a new event, “Sax in the Park” on Saturday, July 23, 2005....the Burchfield Center Nature & Art Center and AmeriCorps have joined forces to explore new avenues of obtaining funds to keep us serving the residents of Western New York..".

Feb. 2005 "One Man Gallery Show",
for Artist Riki Nelson:

"Beauty in the Night, Scenes of the City" - Peabody Fine Art Gallery, in Los Gatos, California, a One Man Gallery show and artist reception, featuring recent oil paintings of night city scenes, character portraits, and jazz art.

Peabody Fine ARt Gallery - Los Gatos, CA - (408) 395-3440 or visit their website, www.peabodyfineart.com

earlier highlights.:

in Dec 04- "Key Featured Artist" in a Two man show, at the Toll House Los Gatos' celebration of the opening of the hotel's new restaurant, the "3 Degrees Restaurant"

In Oct 04- One man show and reception at Borders Cafe Los Gatos

In July 04- One of the featured at Kuletos Los Gatos

January 1 2006: 

What is happening NOW...What's New, What's Next ...

REAL TIME Current Projects
January 1 2006:

Artists talking about themselves and their work, is usually a big snooze for any one who isn't them.

Unfortunately, this is no exception,

I have backed off of doing things "in the world"- shows, events - for the moment, to continue to develop and explore the technique of Photorealism in oil.

After creating a few painstaking Photorealistic paintings, I realized that in order to get what I really wanted out of it, I would have to go "backward", do some reverse engineering of my current painting process, and revisit the nuts of bolts and of renaissance portraiture, as well as continue my ongoing hunt for the perfect flesh tone, the ultimate non toxic oil medium mixture, and the quest for a better understanding of color temperature - which is as elusive as, well, you think of something, my similes are weak today.

Current work:
:: PAINTING IN PROGRESS:: and recent paintings, not yet shown- I recently completed a complex highly Photorealistic Chiaroscuro bar scene of a cocktail waitress and bartender, focusing on the interesting expression on the woman's face. This piece is edgy. I was very pleased with the result.

Even though I do a great deal of careful planning and "pre work" for each painting, I am never quite sure where the painting will ultimately take me and This painting was no exception. It was the most complex piece I have done to date, and will be shown here later in the year.

REal TIme :: JAN 01 2006 I am currently working on a piece depicting a fabulous African American female jazz singer, at an out door concert in Los Gatos this summer. The challenges of integrating the some of the realism of the Chiaroscuro techniques I've been using, with a light bright daytime pallet, is the challenge of the day.

The next round of work:

I did a photo shoot on Halloween, and got some incredible material That I will be moving into in the months to come- funny story about the shoot: going out with a camera in peoples faces to get the source material I use in my paintings is along the lines of purgatory for me. But I have found that the more miserable the shoot, the better material I get out of it.

I was burning the candle at both ends with both painting and life to the point that my Halloween shoot pushed me physically over the edge and I wound up in the emergency room with acute exhaustion. It was worth it though, I got some unbelievable weird and wondrous shots.

The material from the shoot is so original, I don't want to spoil the surprise, so check back in, I promise, if you like unusual subjects in your art, you won't be disappointed.

To see my work in person visit :

RECENT JAZZ ART: Peabody Fine Art Gallery, Los Gatos
12 North Santa Cruz Avenue, Los Gatos, on N. Santa Cruz Ave. Near MainCa. ( about 2 hrs. South of San Francisco, in the South Bay)

Call the gallery for info.
(408) 395-3440

SEASCAPES: ISLG Design Gallery, in Los Gatos - 12 North Santa Cruz Avenue, Los Gatos, on N. Santa Cruz Ave. Near Main right across the street from Peabody Gallery, and

Call the gallery for info.
(408) 354-8286

plein Air local Landscapes, and SEASCAPES: ISLG Design Gallery, in Campbell - 287 E. Campbell Ave. - Historic Downtown - Campbell Ca 95008

Call the gallery for info.
(408) 378-2075

has the first large seascape of the season.

NEwsletter from last summer: August 05 . Seascapes, and other ruminations...

A Seascape Harbor Scene oil painting of the Monterey Bay harbor,- an 24 x 18 oil on canvas - of the landmark yellow and red Glass Bottom Boat, chugging it's way out of Monterey harbor, while it's home base yellow and red building sits perched on the pier.

It is complex, and involved a challenging - but successful - palette of vivid color; yellow, red, sea greens and blues.

Lapping ocean waves, sea gulls, people, the pier and its funky colorful buildings, all the things we love about Monterey, except for the food - too small.

Sept 04

Every painting I create, is built off the piece before it. The art of creating, is as much in the challenge, as it is in the creative vision that inspired the process.

The true accomplishment for a serious artist, is to push the envelop of reality, and your own skills and imagination, ever further, and still have the work speak to others.

Artists often lose interest in expanding their knowledge, insight, and imagination once they get, "on the Map". It shows not only in their work, but in their own lack of joy in creating. It always leaves me a little disappointed and sad when I see this; Like watching something of great potential, die away from lack of attention.

Stagnation is the second death of creativity - repression - is the death of art.

I crave the warmth of summer sun on my face, as sea-kissed winds spill off the Monterey Bay, clearing out the winter gloom... while I desperately try to keep my easel from blowing over a cliff, the sand out of my paint, and the sunscreen from oozing into my eyes - but hey, that's all part of the "immediate" quality of plein air seascape painting, isn't it?

Oil painting at the ocean, contrary to popular belief, is not for sissies.


NEwsletter from a year ago Dec 2004

In addition to seascapes, and portraits, I have begun painting my "vision" of bay area cityscenes - both night time Cityscapes, and daytime - and jazz scenes.

I have been wanting to paint these kinds of scenes for years, so it's exciting for me to see them progress, and the public response has been wonderful.

I am fascinated by the quality of light at night on city streets. The night can be cold, but the rich light, both warm and cool that pours out of, and off of the businesses and homes, defines the scene... and things barely seen.

Time for me to paint the sea in full sunlight, and the jazz concerts, and the majic of the best things in life here in the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Area.----

..A little bit more about the winter series --

The oil painting on the left, "a little Christmas shopping" is a 16 x 20 original composition oil on canvas,

My model - my beautiful 18 year old niece, Halley Elisabeth- and myself dressed to fit the season, and prowled the streets of Los Gatos after dark with a camera and sketch pad during the high point of the holiday.

I took roll after roll of the majic that the contrast between the cold nights, and warm shop windows presented to me, and attempted to soak up the crisp spice of winter evenings, and the intimate moments I observed between people, and the season.

Must paint now ..R.

Jazz Oil Paintings, and Cityscapes
New Art -
By Artist Riki Nelson

...IN TWO Major SF Bay Area Galleries,

The Recent Paintings of
Riki R. Nelson,

Peabody Fine ARt Gallery of Los Gatos,


ISLG Design Gallery in Campbell,

AND two new limited edition prints from the Jazz In The Plaz suite of paintings.

Click Here to see the new Art

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R R Nelson

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