"Women of Jazz, A Celebration of Diva's" original oil paintings by contemporary realist oil painter, - Riki R. Nelson - See the newest 2008 works by this artist, Visit the online Gallery

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Oil Painting of Rita Coolidge painting female jazz singer
"The Soul of Jazz, "
oil on canvas 24" wide 36" high
"The Spirit of Jazz, Roseanne Vitro"
oil on canvas 24" wide 36" high
These paintings are part of a collection of original oils that will be shown at Peabody Gallery of Los Gatos in August 2008,

  Gallery Exhibition - These and other new works, including a Bar Scene series, will exhibit in August 2008 - Recent oil paintings by Riki R. Nelson
Exhibition Dates - August 2008
Artist Reception - August 16th th 6:00 to 8:00 pm
Location - Peabody Fine Art Gallery 11 N. Santa Cruz Ave Los Gatos CA 408 395 3440
Jazz on the Plazz Art Exhibition Dates to be determined

Peabody Fine Art Gallery
Phone 408-395-3440 ruth@peabodyfineart.com
11 North Santa Cruz Ave, (at Main street) Los Gatos, California
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About the Artist, and the Art....

Riki R. Nelson paints only jazz musicians and singers she has
personally encountered.

She works exclusively from her own sketches, photos, "mental pictures"
and inspiration. The Artist's goal is as much to paint the spirit of the
performance and the performer, as a true likeness. She paints both
emerging and legendary jazz artists.

R. R. Nelson works exclusively in oil, taking as long as two months to
complete a single piece. She uses traditional realism, complimented by
contemporary colors and compositions, and her own creative vision,
to develop unique and moving portraits of contemporary life.

It is Nelson's belief, that for a portrait to be a true work of
art, it must come from the artist's sensitivity to the subject. She feels
that seeing and studying a performer in person, allows her to in some
way touch their, "essence" which she can then translate into the "soul"
of a painting. This is why she goes to such great lengths to get her
own sketches and photos, and why she works exclusively from her
own encounters with the musicians and singers she uses as
subjects for her paintings.

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Riki R. Nelson - jazzart@riki-arts.com

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