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Bar Art, Jazz Portraits by Riki R Nelson

"TBird Sunset" 24" x 36" oil on canvas,
now on exhibit at the Los Gatos Company gallery, to purchase, contact the gallery directly
Los Gatos Company gallery , 17 1/ 2 N Santa Cruz Ave, Los Gatos Ca,
Toll free 1- 888-246-6676
you may purchase by phone or in person, the gallery is open 7 days, 11 to 5 or later.

".. I wanted to capture a perfect, timeless, small town moment and was fortunate enough to stumble upon just the right scene one evening just before sunset.This painting, "TBird , Sunset" is based on photographs I took that evening, but the people were people I saw during the day in town, the little dramas of childern playing and an elderly couple sitting on a bench holding hands. I created the sky, the slant of the light, and the mood, as I saw it in my imagination, but The vintage Tbird car and street scene itself, and the people are ltrue to life .."

This painting is one of a kind, and took months to complete. ...."

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Unique, original composition oil painting by R.R. Nelson

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This painting is current on exhibit and availble for purchase at the historic Los Gatos Company gallery
Toll free 1- 888-246-6676

Artist Riki R Nelson is a modern realist oil painter located in Nothern California in the San Francisco Bay Area

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"Tbird Sunset " 24" x 36" One of a Kind, original composition oil painting on blocked canvas by Artist Riki R Nelson -

for information about this piece : Ph 1 888 246 6676 (nothern california usa)